Dog Longingly Waits For Same Train Every Night In Hopes Of Owner’s Return

A dog’s heartbreaking routine at a train station platform has captured the attention of dog lovers around the world.

Night after night a female dog stands on the same platform in front of the same carriage at Kanjurmarg Station in India searching for someone in vain.

The dog waits for the 11pm train to arrive and then appears to be waiting for someone to disembark. When the person she’s looking for doesn’t come, the train departs the station and the dog runs after it.

Train staff say the dog has been doing this every night at the same time for at least two months, sparking speculation that she was abandoned or lost and is looking for her long-lost family. Others believe it might be a person who feeds her regularly.

A local man Sameer Thorat captured the heartbreaking scene on video and posted it on social media, immediately creating a stir on social media.

Other commuters took it upon themselves to track the dog’s movements and discovered that she has four puppies. Whether the mama dog is looking for a lost owner or is a stray searching for someone to love remains a mystery.

Online campaigns have been sparked the help reunite the dog with her former owner (if she had one), or find the person who used to feed her regularly, whereas others have tagged transport minister Piyush Goyal to see what he can do.

Sourav Verma, an animal lover, has been feeding the dog after he saw a video and wants to find the dog and her puppies permanent homes. “We have become friends,” he told the Mumbai Mirror. “It even takes me to its pups. I am looking for people who would adopt them after following proper procedure.”

There are an estimated 30 million stray dogs in India, who call the streets home. Given the media attention this sweet dog and her pups are receiving, it is hoped she and her puppies will find homes.

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Publishing Information: 26 Feb, 2018 By Reshareworthy Editorial Team

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